Developing the RSPCA Membership Product

In September 2019 we asked for your opinion on a new Membership product we are looking to develop. Research had already identified that our current Membership programme is not effective in keeping people informed about everything the RSPCA does and provide opportunity for supporters to get involved at any level. As you probably know the RSPCA covers many areas in the pursuit of animal welfare and there are different ways to get involved from showing support through becoming a Member through volunteering, fundraising, or becoming a governor.  

Our Marketing Projects Manager for the project, Adam Moore, said about your feedback:

"As ever the feedback from Your Say was invaluable. There are many, many people in the UK who support animal welfare and the RSPC, as the most significant Animal charity, should be the first place for such people to show support and help promote the cause. The information we received will help us develop a Membership scheme that keeps supporters in touch with everything we do and provide them with opportunities to get more involved should they want to. The Your Say panel provides unique information that we can act upon to help improve how we promote animal welfare".