Farewell to fleas

In April, we asked you to give us your thoughts on a new product we are looking at which is a subscription box sent to pet owners each month with the right flea treatment for their pets.

We wanted to get feedback directly from pet owners, so who better to ask than our panel members.   We asked you some questions on prices, what else the product should include etc and you gave us some great insight:

  • You suggested that an email/text reminder about fleaing your pet would be useful
  • You said you would like to also receive pet health and behaviour tips from RSPCA experts
  • You said that it would be helpful to also include worming products with the subscription 
  • Finally, over 50% of you said that we should go ahead with the product. 

Our Marketing Projects Manager for this product, Adam Moore has said this about your feedback

‘We have some 19 million pet cats and dogs in the UK and we believe they should be regularly treated for parasites. Whilst many owners do this already we have been looking into opportunities to make it easier using a subscription service and regular delivery of the correct dosage. The excellent feedback we had from Your Say has been invaluable in identifying what issues currently exist around treating a pet and understanding what we can do to address this often overlooked area of animal welfare.’